24 Jun

live let live this is a culture we have to develop in all everybody should focus on one thing or one business and grow

it big so that we can reduce competition and we can become success this is the concept of live and let live but what

we are seeing today is different sceneria every one wanted to do all business which ever possible and increase the

Bp level and sugar level and at last the fruits of hard labour is not possible to enjoy.Microsoft a giant organization

multimillionaires having great business but when they found good become strong in search they also enter into

that same way when facebook is growing leaps and bounds now every one wanted to take a share of it but the youn

ger generation should come out it and be focused and dedicated and do one thing fully immersed and become

master this is real help for a consumer to have a trust on you.Live let live why i wanted to talk this point  here due

to unhealthy competition in seversl industry/businesses loosing money and closing down business or that made lot

of people to loose the job.Even consumers we know that post office is for delivering post that is the objective of

starting a post office today it is becoming retail store even government is doing like this how we can talk abt private

organization.In india when a photo copying business started immediately all the neighbour hood jump into the

business  and area will be flooded with photocopying which become very competative and even the paper cost cann

ot be collected that will be the pricing structure so they couldnt able to pay employees salary and finally the name board only says photocopying but they couldnt able to do the work.I also thought similar way we can do all business

but when you enter each business you know the plus and minus so i felt the best way of success is be focused select one business be a master dont think left or right better think ahead and keep moving.When i look back my diary i waisted lots of time thinking and preparing business plan finally each plan get ready i changed my mind very fast looking at others business i become greedy and i start changing my plans and keep study and never in this 50 years of my life i made up my mind when i realized my failure the true facts i got his given above before correcting others i corrected my self and taken a decison to be only in domain world when i studied this field also  i seen enterprises wanted to invest domain and become a lead generation company create website companies when u look at this domain is more purchase by lead generation company like 400 domains so i decided i will be teaching about lead generation business and i will sell my clients domain.I will not start web design company or seo i wanted all to grow

so indirectly lots of families i can fed and i can be also be happy.we are not going to be in the world for 100 years as per today the condition people are getting BP,,SUGAR,KIDNEYSTONE,CANCER so live long is become a Q so wen we live let us build let live attitude.


Belive in live and let live.The trade involved is buy sell invest domain.Teach abt domain business.Coaching who ever intersted in lead genration can be contacted my site


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