Booming book domains

20 Jun

Good time for the .Book domains Amazon become craze.


Self-publishing is becoming a big business for unknowns and famed authors alike. A wealth of resources are starting to surface on the web, and well respected authors like Stephen King and J.K. Rowling have already experimented with their own marketing and pricing strategies. In 2011, John Locke became the first self-published author to sell over a million e-books on Amazon. .book domains will further lower the cost of selling direct to consumers and facilitating a meaningful direct branding relationship with fans.

The purpose of the .BOOK gTLD is to offer authors, publishers, and bookstores the opportunity to expand their audience and to help potential readers find their books or information about their books. With markets shifting from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce, authors are turning to Internet publishing and customers are looking for easier ways to connect with the authors of their favorite books. The .BOOK domain will bring more power and reach to individual authors while at the same time lowering initial barriers to self-publishing that have existed in the past. At the same time, smaller bookstores will be able to identify themselves to book buyers.

The .BOOK top-level domain will make books more discoverable to potential readers and serve as a medium for both established and private publishers to better connect and engage with readers.

The mission of .BOOK is to provide constituents of the book industry with a de facto “home domain” for their online presence. We envision that it will become the preferred online namespace for the advertisement, sale, critique, and discussion of published materials. Given the descriptive nature of .BOOK combined with strategic marketing campaigns designed to brand the domain, it will soon become the default for book publishers, book stores, critics, and reading enthusiasts alike to engage and share their content. As over 200,000 new books are published annually in the US alone (representing over 3 billion units per year), the addressable need is significant. Furthermore, given that “book” can be associated beyond traditional physical books, we think that numerous other market segments, such as eBooks, trade journals, and magazines will also find .BOOK to be an attractive domain name solution.

Examples could include:,,,,,,,
or similar.

If they ran it from outside the EU, anybody they sold to in the EU would pay VAT at their country’s rate. In the UK that is 20% at the moment. But, since domain registration is a service, if they run it from inside the EU they only need to charge VAT at the rate Luxembourg applies. I don’t know what the VAT rate would be, but on ebooks the rate is 3%. Even the usual 15% rate is better than most countries.

They are very coy about the low VAT rate this lets them charge on ebooks, just saying that they charge VAT as required by law. The EU is a big enough market that it makes sense for them to exploit the tax situation. If .book turns out to be dominated by English-language, saving 5 percentage points on the UK market alone is significant, and they have the business and server facilities already in place.’s Quidsi, the company behind stores with great domains such as, (cleaning and personal care), (toy), and (pet stuff), has purchased the domain name

The domain name was acquired from WebQuest Inc. with the help of brand protection company Mark Monitor. The domain transferred to Mark Monitor on June 10, and the whois was updated to show Quidsi yesterday.

I have managed to create this business because I found that there is a demand for Twitter followers and for backlinks building and in providing these to people who have come across my sites…and I have quite a few of those… I can manage to get a sustainable regular residual income, small as it may now be.

That small monthly income has helped me acquire domains that expired with pagerank and then I add these to my list of sites selling these 2 services so it just helps growing my monthly income which in turn builds up my stock of PageRanked Domains and when my domains grow higher in PageRank, I will be listing it for sale and will likely get very good money for it.Now i am also looking for .book domains.


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