what is domain and how people make money

18 Jun

Domain is the internet address for business once it is register by a company or any individual it will be thier property for 365 days

but after that if it not renewed it is automatically get cancelled.How people make money selling domain is very intersting when

a particular domain you register any one wanted that specific domain then can buy through auction sites.There also brokers who help buying for

you so you can sell/buy domain and flip that domain and make money.There are many ways you can sell your domain and market is huge.There is

no risk that your sell than  below purchase price but there are lots of tactics and tricks which share by certain well wishers of this industry like me

you can also refer www.howtosavefromcarbonsin.com .The site is maintained by nature lover who is researching on various methods to save carbon

so he publish very intersting information.


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